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BreachRisk™ for Business

The easiest compliance-ready pen testing
& cyber risk monitoring on the market

Streamlined for Small & Midsized Enterprises

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  • External Pen Testing

  • Attack surface monitoring

  • Cloud monitoring & testing

  • Downloadable reports

  • Emerging threat alerts

  • Spearphishing

We are your next penetration test.

We provide Small & Midsize Enterprises compliance pen testing that is easy, fast, and fair.


Start testing in under 5 minutes. No tools, agents or devices to install or manage.  No dedicated team needed.


Transform the burden of your annual pen test into a single click. Continuous testing keeps equipped against new threats and always primed to provide another compliance attestation.


Testing isn't helpful if you can't fix or understand the results. BreachRisk™  empower technicians to find, fix, and verify fast - and provide simple shapes and colors for executives.

Budget Friendly

Our bots test your security without coffee breaks. Test when you need to, and monitor when you don't. Our efficiency is your savings, so we can fit into the budget you already have.

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How does it work

How Does It Work?

Register & Review Initial Results

Discover initial passive BreachRisk™ findings discovered and review your threat landscape within 5 minutes.

Set Testing Scope

Add additional domains, IPs and cloud environments to be tested

Authorize Testing

One button click to test everything, or control exactly what gets tested.

Monitor Your Results

Get notified with recommendations when your threat landscape changes or our tests are successful.

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Download Our Datasheet

Enter your email to download our BreachRisk™ for Business datasheet.

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Our Plans


Get your company's BreachRisk Score & Report

Monthly Assessments


Everything in Free plus:

Technical Details

Monthly Email Reports

Email Support


Increase the frequency and level of BreachRisk™ details


Put your perimeter security to the test and share results

Most Popular

Weekly Assessments


Everything in Lite plus:

Active Penetration Testing

Weekly Email Reports

Quarterly Pen Test Reports

Weekly Assessments


Everything in Pro plus:

Social Engineering Testing

On-Demand Assessments

Enhanced Analytics

API Integration


Test employees and security against the toughest threats


We'll reach out to answer your questions or schedule your demo.

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BR Score Feature

BreachRisk™ Score & Report

Get a high-level summary of your cyber risk from an attacker's perspective that is easy to understand for non-technical audiences and executive leadership.  Learn more here.


Active Penetration Testing

We don't stop when we find threat vectors in your attack surface.  During BreachRisk™ assessments with Penetration Testing enabled, we test your vectors like an attacker will, from exploiting vulnerabilities to credential stuffing, so you know where your real risks are.


Social Engineering Testing

Often employees can be the easiest target for an attacker.  Leveraging the reconnaissance results of each BreachRisk™ assessment, we conduct highly-targeted social engineering campaigns to find the employees and phishing tactics that pose the greatest risks.

BreachRisk™ Technical Details

Dive deep into your BreachRisk™ results to get all of the information you need to find and reduce your risks.  Includes full details on threat vectors, attack surface and testing results as well as team collaboration features to coordinate your responses.

Cloud Integrations

Easily integrate your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Digital Ocean cloud environments to include them in each BreachRisk™ assessment.

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Cloud Integrations Featur

Manage Your Infrastructure

Quickly add additional domains, public IP addresses (single or ranges) and/or email address to manage the scope of each BreachRisk™ assessment.

Email Updates

We get it - reading long PDF reports after a penetration test is impractical.  We send you the changes you need via email so you can keep tabs on your cyber risk on your schedule.

Manage Feature

Report Sharing

No more emailing PDF reports - share your score and testing results with others through BreachRisk™ for Business securely.

Share Feature

Powerful Testing.  Built to Scale.








Threat Vectors Discovered





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