BreachRisk™ for Business

Monitor your organization's BreachRisk™ Score, plus deep insights with BreachRisk™ Report

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Celebrate your Security

Monitor and share your BreachRisk™ Score with BreachRisk for Business.

Take control of your BreachRisk™ Score and improve what others see. You take security seriously, so demonstrate your care for customer and partner data with advanced sharing and presentation tools.


Designed with You in Mind

BreachRisk™ for Business is designed for situations where you need to understand your own cyber risk or need to share your BreachRisk™ Score with others.

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Business Executives

Venture Capital Startups

Customer Relations Managers

Compliance Managers


Perception is Reality

Fair, accurate, understandable cyber risk ratings with BreachRisk™ Score and BreachRisk™ Report enhance your security discussions at all levels - from the boardroom to the server room.

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Take Control with BreachRisk™ Score

BreachRisk for Business Lite gives you monthly access to your BreachRisk Score so that you can see what others already see about you. You'll also ensure that other organizations that inquire about your BreachRisk Score have the most updated information about your security.


From our Clients

It was easy for me to get BreachBits services started quickly. They have been cost-effective and simple for my team to use. When my IT needs pivot, they kept up seamlessly. For me, it’s important to have a team dedicated to innovative and continuous penetration testing and security improvement because it protects my bottom line and enhances our brand in the industry. BreachBits is key to our success.

- Ed Rule, President, Naval Systems, Inc.

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BreachRisk™ for Business

Easy to Setup

Monitor your BreachRisk Score in minutes by letting us know your organization name and website. You'll instantly get access to your BreachRisk Score, and we'll handle the rest to collect details and authentications necessary to deliver periodic BreachRisk Reports.

Easy to Share

Share your BreachRisk Score with your audiences and internally with your team. We provide the tools to make it easy to show, and easy for your readers to verify that it's authentic.

Zero Maintenance

We believe you shouldn't have to change your security to test your security. So there's nothing to install and nothing to manage. Our services are served from the cloud, and our measurements always include the latest inspection methods as cyberspace threats evolve.

Simply. Powerful.

BreachRisk is powered by BreachBits® technology, which means you get the benefits of world-class cyber attack tradecraft. Automation and A.I. deliver continuous direct testing, analyzing hundreds to thousands of elements. Conveniently packaged in a BreachRisk Score, your security discussions will be easier than ever in both the boardroom and the server room.


BreachRisk for Business Pricing

Straightforward monthly plans with push-button setup and no obligation



Monitor your BreachRisk™ Score.



Improve & share your BreachRisk™ Score.



Show that your security can defeat the toughest threats.


We strongly believe that transparent pricing enhances your security discussions.

We also believe that affordable prices are essential to enabling world-class security. We are able to deliver our high-quality services fast while remaining affordable through heavy investments in automation and Artificial Intelligence-driven processes that enable a lean, diverse, and highly competent team.

We are advancing the state of the art.