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About Us

BreachBits® is venture-backed and postured to set a global standard for reliable cyber risk ratings and next-gen predictive intel.

We're on a mission to deliver world-class cyber risk insights continuously at scale in situations where knowing the true risk truly matters. We are an agile team of cyber and business innovators & disruptors dedicated to increasing the transparency of risks we all face in cyberspace.

We are the hacker’s perspective.

We taught robots how to hack (its a metaphor).

Our Story

Deep in the U.S. military intelligence apparatus, on the front lines of the cyber war, two Naval Officers shared an epiphany.


When you can prove what cyber attackers see, think, and do, you can outsmart them every time. The problem is, its too expensive and too cumbersome for overworked and under-resourced cyber defenders to gain this testing data continuously. To make matters worse, non-technical leaders can't get actionable insights - even when such data is available.

Frustrated with the situation, one says to the other, "what if we create A.I. bots to plan and execute cyber attacks just like an attacker would? Then we could find the weaknesses first and finally be ahead of the bad guys."


"And what if we translated the data into risk management insights, a language non-technical leaders already know?", said the other.


"And what if we did it continuously for everyone around the world?", they said in unison.

And so in 2018 BreachBits was born, in a garage in suburban Maryland between the 12-hour shifts of the secretive annals of Fort Meade and the Pentagon. The mission: to Turn the Tide of the cyber war in favor of defenders. To shed light on cyber risk where knowing the true risk truly matters.

Since emerging from R&D in the fog of 2020, BreachBits has conducted over 4 million offensive security tests and provided intel of over 87,000 viable attack paths to customers across 8 countries.

Meet The Team

Our Investors

BreachBits® has partnered with firms that are leading the way in innovative cyberspace technologies. Our investors enhance our ability to help defenders turn the tide against cyber attackers.

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