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Our Mission

Illuminate the world's cyber risks by exploiting them before attackers do.

Founded by US military cyber warfare veterans, our team noticed a serious gap - attackers were victimizing smaller organizations that did not have the resources to stay ahead of these attacks.

We believe the best way to stay secure is to test yourself the same way attackers do, so you know where your weaknesses are and fix them before attackers find them.

We're on a mission to bring advanced security testing to any organization, regardless of size or budget, so we can finally begin to Turn the Tide against cyber attacks.

To do this, we believe  humans should do what humans do best, and leverage automation & artificial intelligence where machines deliver superior repeatability and speed.


Our lean team keeps integration tight, our response to customers agile, and our costs low - all essential parts of revolutionizing the way the world talks about cyber.

Our Story

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Our Team

Our Investors

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