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for Service Providers

Deliver emerging technology to your client base with a consultant's license for our powerful BreachRisk™ cyber risk radar - packaged to empower service providers, consultants, and vCISOs. This option is for those on the front line of the cyber war alongside their clients adding value, service, and expertise.


per client, per year

subject to eligibility criteria below, restrictions apply

Secure more, spend less.

BreachRisk™ finds and tests cyber risks within your client base and their supply/vendor chain - all behind the scenes.


It's like having an army of cyber robots doing the dicey, repetitive work for you - so you can focus on each customer more, and across more customers.


More revenue. More value. Now.

See results in as little as 20 minutes with market-leading accuracy and ready-made reporting graphics.


Don't bring your clients false positives, bring them verified results with answers in-hand.

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Apply for Access

Request instant access or learn more about this program.


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Capped at 99 providers until 2025


Choose Your Reason

BreachRisk™ adds value no matter where you're headed next as a Service Provider.

$1,999... wait... what?

It's not a typo. We've priced this to sell (and cause a bit of a kerfuffle).


That price is too good to be true... why do it?

Because we have an army of cyber radar robots. They are hungry to find and test risks across more of cyberspace.

They want to improve your margins so your army can do more, too.

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What's in it for me?

  • Expertise: Access to top-tier cybersecurity professional know-how with extensive experience in pen testing and risk assessments. All built-in.

  • Economy of Scale: Attractive pricing model that becomes more advantageous as you add licenses, making it ideal for consultants and firms of all sizes.

  • Time to Value: You don't have to spend several months to procure, install & manage sensors or build a complex vendor risk management process. You get value now.

  • Comprehensive Security: A broad range of continuous, automated services to identify vulnerabilities, validate risks, and ensure compliance. Adaptable to various business needs.

    • Attack surface detection​

    • Attack surface monitoring

    • Risk ratings and trends

    • Pen Testing & Certified Penetration Test Reports

    • Spearphishing

    • Dark Web Intel

    • Board-level reporting

    • Technical Reports

Start Free 14-Day Trial

Includes access to BreachRisk™ Premium for your own organization, and BreachRisk™ Portfolio to monitor a client.


You'll get instant access to your first-party dashboard and your 3rd-party Portfolio will be added within appx. 2 business days.

*Eligibility and Terms

​Who this is for
  • The capabilities, features, and interfaces provided in this offer are tailored for U.S.-based services providers with U.S.-based clients. Only service providers are eligible for this "consultants license." Service providers can add incredible value to customers tackling 1st and 3rd-party cyber risk needs, and they need capabilities tailored and priced to enable world class service at a competitive price.

  • BreachBits® reserves the right to define "service provider" on a case-by-case basis, but this generally refers to IT and Security providers that have one or more clients consuming IT and/or security services, products, or consulting. Service providers will typically include:

    • Managed Service Providers​

    • Managed Security Service Providers

    • vCISO, virtual CISO, fractional CISO, etc

    • Security and technology consultants

  • This offer is strictly limited to 99 providers on a first-come, first-served basis. U.S. only.

  • This offer can end at any time and there is no guarantee the offer will continue after the license expires.​

What's in the box
  • There is no box. This is a Software as a Service, cloud-served risk detection, monitoring, and testing platform that accessible via a web dashboard.

  • A single 12-month license is priced as shown, and includes BreachRisk™ Premium for use with a single client of the provider. Multiple licenses may be purchased by a single provider in order to service multiple clients - with limits on a case-by-case. API access is not included.

  • Providers with a license gain access to a BreachRisk™ dashboard that allows for the monitoring, testing, configuration, and reporting for multiple clients in a multi-tenant experience.

  • Each provider may register up to 5 users for access to the dashboard interface per license. Additional users may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

  • A single trial period of 14 days is available upon request before purchase and allows the provider full access to our first-party BreachRisk™ solution and our third-party solution, BreachRisk™ Portfolio. Starting a trial is not guarantee that a license will be awarded. A license may be purchased without completing a trial.

  • This license allows for "white labeling" of some reports and other features. Such white labeling can be performed by the provider in cases where BreachBits® does not already provide automatic white labeling features.

Other things you should know
  • These terms supplement our standard Terms & Conditions.

  • BreachBits® technology and product development are guided by "the hacker's perspective," which means we tailor our technologies to mimic real attackers. Real attackers/hackers evolve technology over time, and so do we. This offer may include advanced capabilities and emerging features of BreachRisk™. Some features and capabilities may be removed over time. BreachBits® makes no guarantee to sustain, maintain, or develop any specific feature or capability. What we do guarantee is that we are analyzing and testing for cyber risks in a realistic, dependable, and safe way.

  • Feature requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. BreachBits® welcomes feedback and is postured to evolve this offer and other BreachRisk™ capabilities based on feedback from participating providers.

  • You won't be disappointed. But if you are disappointed you can quit at any time. However, due to the ridiculously low price of this offer, all sales are final.

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