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Key Roles

Risk Manager

Key Feature Aspects:

fair, easy, fast, rigorous

About this Use Case


Progress Updated Periodically

The Mergers & Acquisitions diligence practice is overdue for a modern approach. Both the target and the sponsor/buyer of M&A benefit from truth. With so many other non-cyber factors to consider during M&A, the fact that cyber risk can be scientifically quantified using services like BreachRisk can allow teams to efficiently evaluate cyber risk and focus on more subjective elements of the process.

Success Summary

Why BreachRisk™ is a good fit

Standardization and participation are key aspects here. Our sponsoring organizations know our process and trust our results, and standardization compliments process. Targets quickly recognize that our assessments are not only rigorous, but extremely fair.

Barriers or misconceptions

M&A is a textbook negotiation process. At each gate, more trust is gained from each side. We've quickly been able to overcome hesitancy of the target to run our services.

Key outcomes

Targets can justify a higher valuation. Sponsors (buyers) can have a better understanding of what they are buying - especially if they need to prepare for large IT/security overhaul during the integration phase post-acquisition.


We are actively engaged in this use case with multiple large enterprise customers. We'll update this use case soon.

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