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Meet the BreachRisk™ Lineup.

& Fair

Organizations of all sizes

Scalable SaaS Deployment

Just a few guys tackling cyber risk.

Predict breaches with BreachRisk™ Alert, Pro, and Premium.


Continuously monitor and test 3rd-parties with BreachRisk™ Portfolio.

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The BreachRisk™ Method

All BreachRisk™ services are powered by our proprietary AiPT™ predictive risk engine. It combines attack surface discovery (ASD), attack surface monitoring (ASM), penetration testing as a service (PTaaS), cloud, dark web, and spearphishing in a simple, automatic way that is always-on. Just like a radar.

We emulate the attack lifecycle  to measure cyber risk in a standardized and scalable way. We don't just passively observe - we actively interrogate targets.

How we deliver 10x accuracy

Attackers are the true authority on risk. Our approach achieves up to 10x greater accuracy than legacy risk ratings because we are dedicated to the offensive security perspective. We are driven to maintain bleeding-edge discovery capability (to identify targets more precisely), significantly reduce false positives, and employ superior risk prioritization methods.


This multi-step process, compounded up to 100x by our ability to secure target participation for verification and testing, ensures unparalleled precision and reliability in our outcomes.

BreachRisk process


Discover Attack Surface

Use attacker tradecraft to discover public infrastructure.


Identify Opportunities

Monitor active hosts and services. Evaluate weaknesses.


Analyze Threat Vectors

Determine opportunities that could be exploited & cause a breach.



If enabled, conduct active penetration testing to analyze risk.



Assign a BreachRisk™ Score based on threat vectors & testing.


Plan Attack Approach

Prepare covert, realistic testing that evades blacklist triggers.

1st Party

Clear. Accurate. Fair.

BreachRisk predictive risk discovery, monitoring, and testing for your organization.

BreachRisk™ Alert

Get free dashboard and email alerts for risks across all 3 core risk domains: perimeter, cloud, and email. BreachRisk™ Alert is great for those that want to know: "What is my risk of breach and why?"

Core 3 Risk Domains

Locate Entry Points

Monthly Results

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Status emails
BreachRisk emerging threat alerts

100% Free

Update: vulnerability has been patched.

Update: risk has improved.


New threat discovered.

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BreachRisk™ Pro

Deploy The Cyber Risk Radar. BreachRisk™ Pro is for a wide range of organizations that want to stay ahead of attackers. It's also efficient for satisfying compliance or certification requirements.

  • Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

  • Easy, push-button annual compliance report

  • Robust testing with frequent analysis

Penetration Testing

Dark Web Intel

Weekly Results

Phishing Testing

Enhanced Cloud Tests



Now includes spearphishing

Kieran pen test compliance certification.png


I need you to test core risk domains, like perimeter and phishing. I need it in my pen test by tomorrow.


Kieran, no problem. I'm testing each core risk domain every week. You can download your pen test any time.


I'm launching a project and I need persistent risk visibility with no false positives. I also need to test cloud and start my TPRM program.


Sid, my API can integrate with your project, and false positives are always removed during my weekly tests.

You have access to BreachRisk™ Portfolio, which third parties would you like me to start monitoring?

BreachRisk™ Premium

When you need The Cyber Risk Radar at maximum power, Premium is designed for high-impact use cases or when frequent compliance reports are needed. We also include BreachRisk™ Portfolio for TPRM needs.

  • Contractual compliance with frequent reporting

  • Highest predictive confidence + cloud testing

  • Includes 3rd-party risk monitoring & reporting

Periodic Risk Consultation

Unlimited Reports



3rd-Party Risk Portfolio

Deep Cloud


Weekly + On-Demand

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Large Enterprise and Tailored Schemes

With a bit of tailoring, our core capabilities efficiently support schemes of all sizes and shapes. We also offer special services such as deep red team analysis, performed by our offensive security experts.

Want us to get in touch?

We'll reach out to you with answers or a demo.

BreachRisk Alert
BreachRisk Lite
BreachRisk Pro
BreachRisk Premium
Large Enterprise 1st Party
Compare 1st Party Features

3rd Party
Cyber Risk Products

BreachRisk predictive insights to monitor other organizations,
and advanced schemes of federated pen testing in cooperative environments.

BreachRisk Portfolio

BreachRisk™ Portfolio

A radar detects 3rd-party threats. Likewise, The Cyber Risk Radar powers BreachRisk™ Portfolio to enable a variety of schemes. Handle non-cooperative, passive observation, and full-participation penetration testing with data sharing with ease.

Fair & Accurate

Dashboard Interface

Extreme Scale

Simple & Easy

Powerful Data Sharing





I'm insuring a lot of companies, so I need something scalable and accurate. I'm sick of false positives from my legacy ratings provider and so are my policyholders.


Patrick, this risk map will monitor your group. Predictive accuracy in your passive group is 10x higher compared to your legacy rating platform. When you are ready, I can further increase accuracy with a group of active participants.

API Access

If you need 3rd-party continuous insights but want to skip or enhance the dashboard experience, our API is hyper-flexible to match your use case.

Tailored 3rd Party Schemes

Imagine the possibilities once you have reliable and continuous risk measurements at scale. Whether you need rapid enterprise scaling, tailored data workflows, or you are pioneering a new business function, we can align to your needs.

Want us to get in touch?

We'll reach out to you with answers or a demo.

Portfolio API and Tailored
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