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MSSP Enhancement

federated, value-center, advanced business case




Key Roles

CEO, Sales Manager, MSSP, vCISO

Key Feature Aspects:

fair, scalable, continuous, rigorous, accurate

About this Use Case


Progress Updated Periodically

Managed IT and Security providers can greatly benefit from continuous monitoring of customers. They've made guarantees about security, but it can be cost prohibitive to deliver high-assurance results to customers - especially for small regional service providers. BreachRisk delivers this capability out of the box.

Success Summary

Why BreachRisk™ is a good fit

Cost matters, scale matters, and providers must tie investments to value-center capabilities.

Barriers or misconceptions

The standard of care is still developing. Many service providers don't understand the benefits of a third-party continuous evaluation as a value-center. They are accustomed to thinking about services like BreachRisk as a cost-center.

Key outcomes

Service providers find breach points before they are exploited. They can demonstrate to customers that they have reduced risk over time (don't take our word for it, as BreachBits).


We are actively seeking partners interested in this use case. Contact us if you are interested to be among the first.

Update 18 April 2024:

BreachRisk for Service Providers is now available in limited supply to US-based service providers. Find out more here: 

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