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Compliance Pen Testing





Key Roles

Sales Manager, CEO

Key Feature Aspects:

fair, easy, fast, affordable

About this Use Case


Progress Updated Periodically

Cyber security compliance and certification requirements are growing, and people need access to fast, fair, and trusted penetration tests.

We built our services as a continuous penetration testing platform from the ground up. So naturally this can be applied to certification-related and compliance testing.

Success Summary

Why BreachRisk™ is a good fit

This is a direct fit of some of our core behind-the-scenes capabilities. Our risk scores are based on results of the penetration testing and offensive security model of risk assessment.

Barriers or misconceptions

For cases where teams are already in agreement that penetration testing will yield an ROI, there are few barriers. As compliance standards evolve, occasional mapping of activities and presentation of data must keep up. Ironically, advanced testing activities must be "hidden" in some cases to allow for a focus on compliance-centric standards and expectations.

Key outcomes

Compliance testing is set on autopilot. Whenever a new certification or attestation is needed, its already ready for download.


We are currently executing this use case with a number of customers. We will provide more information soon.

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