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PTaaS & Continuous Pen Testing

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About this Use Case


Progress Updated Periodically

Did you know that BreachBits began as a Red Team as a Service? (If you don't know what "red teaming" is, that's why we don't talk about it much. But we are very much doing red teaming.) The offensive security mindset delivers incredible results, and we're working hard to make sure those benefits are will understood and utilized. Recently, we are using the term "Penetration Testing as a Service" - or PTaaS for short - because it seems to translate better.

Success Summary

Why BreachRisk™ is a good fit

Attackers are always getting better. PTaaS is incredible because when its done frequently, you can actually stay ahead of attackers. Teams looking for the cutting edge in security practices welcome having access to advanced testing. Automation allows this practice to be both continuous and cost-effective.

Barriers or misconceptions

Many security practitioners believe that this type of technology is not yet invented, or that similar solutions in the market provide inferior results and are therefore counterproductive. Furthermore, PTaaS solutions are quickly becoming commoditized, which underplays the actual red teaming we are conducting. It is a necessary balance to help people understand, while pushing defenders to stay ahead of attackers.

Key outcomes

As attackers get better, this practice allows teams to stay ahead - or at least keep up while ensuring they don't have to stop their normal security practices to handle an emergency threat.


If you want to stay ahead of attackers, an annual pen test doesn't cut it. There are some great PTaaS options on the market, and our services starting at the Lite level do some, and our Pro and Premium services get you PTaaS that is really trending towards Red Teaming as a Service.

The vast majority of our current customers benefit from our continuous penetration testing (red teaming). There is a lot to share here, and we'll update this use case soon.

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