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Vendor Cyber Risk Program

federated, compliance, elite infosec




Key Roles

Risk Manager, CISO, vCISO, MSSP

Key Feature Aspects:

About this Use Case


Progress Updated Periodically

Vendor and supply chain risk are quickly becoming the "standard of care" for large enterprises, especially those with vast vendor relationships that recognize that attackers love exploiting the trust between vendors and sponsors.

Success Summary

Why BreachRisk™ is a good fit

Risk monitoring must be efficient to gain returns on investment. We do this with ease.

Barriers or misconceptions

Organizations are hesitant to introduce new requirements on vendors. Some compliance standards are still catching up to modern technological capabilities in the market.

Key outcomes

Instead of dedicating a team of people to managing a vendor cyber risk program based primarily on self-attestation and surveys, sponsors have near real time monitoring and can introduce productive accountability among their vendor base.


We are actively serving this use case. We'll update this soon.

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