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Statewide City & County Risk Maps

government, federated, critical infrastructure, high impact




Key Roles

Governor, Mayor, County Executive, CISO

Key Feature Aspects:

hyper-scalable, continuous, accurate

About this Use Case


Progress Updated Periodically

One of the toughest parts about describing threats in cyberspace is that there is literally nothing to see. It’s invisible. In today’s dynamic cyber risk landscape, data visualization couldn’t be a more important.

State and local governments have a tough challenge. They tend to be behind private industry in implementing security controls, but their risk landscape is thousands of times more complex. Cyber risk maps that are literally maps can make risks easier to understand.

Success Summary

Why BreachRisk™ is a good fit

BreachRisk automation is hyperscalable, and our risk quantification methods can clearly highlight categories of different risk. Automation also keeps our services extremely cost efficient to fit state and local government budgets.

Barriers or misconceptions

State governments are vast, and local governments have a wide variance of architecture and maturity. BreachRisk hyperscale are tuned to handle state governments, and our attack surface discovery techniques have proven capable of addressing local government architectures.

Key outcomes

State and local governments will immediately recognize the power of cyber risk maps.


Often times with enormous organizational relationship schemes, the first step is seeing where you stand.

We are working with the State of Arkansas, Arkansas Municipal League, and Association of Arkansas counties to deliver frequent risk monitoring across local jurisdictions.

This project is in progress and rapidly developing. Check back later for more information.

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