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BreachBits BreachRisk helps organizations to understand and measure cyber risk

Help Net Security

Apr 25, 2022


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BreachBits selected among Infosec Products of the Month by Help Net Security

Help Net Security highlighted BreachBits BreachRisk among the Infosec Products of the Month in April for 2022.

BreachBits has announced BreachRisk, a new standard to understand, measure and communicate cyber risk.
Built by U.S. military cyber warfare veterans and based on the same methods used by hackers, BreachRisk allows individual companies, insurers, portfolio managers and others to continuously assess an organization’s likelihood of a data breach while quantifying and communicating their risk reduction with a simplified cyber risk score.
“BreachRisk helps you understand the risk of other companies, not just your own,” said BreachBits COO and Co-Founder J. Foster Davis. “Whether you’re trying to estimate risk for cyber insurance rates or conducting due diligence before a key acquisition, you can easily compare an organization’s risk over time or even compare companies to make smarter business decisions.”

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