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About BreachRisk™

How we not only find and test cyber risks, but communicate them in a way anyone can understand.

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BreachRisk™ Methodolgy

We follow the same process an attacker will to measure your cyber risk, but in a way that is safe & controllable.


Discover Attack Surface.  Use attacker tradecraft to find an organization's public infrastructure.


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Score.  Assign a BreachRisk™ Score based on threat vectors and testing results and provide recommendations.


Analyze.  Find active hosts, services and evaluate their weaknesses.


Test.  If authorized, conduct active penetration testing of discovered vectors to determine the level of risk they pose.


Identify Threat Vectors.  Find  opportunities in the attack surface that could be exploited & cause a breach.

BreachRisk™ Score

Clear, fair characterization of cyber risk, based on the ways an attacker can cause a breach.



A number between 0 and 10 that communicates the relative risk of a breach, without bogging you down with the technical details.


BreachRisk™ Score is calculated by the likelihood and impact of a breach - a formula core to the practice of risk management.

CVSS Compatible

BreachRisk™ Score follows the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) methodology and extends it to include threats that aren't reliant on vulnerabilities.


Let our team reach out to you with answers or a demo.

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