BreachRisk™ Portfolio

Monitor the BreachRisk™ of other organizations

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Predict & Protect

Enhanced portfolio performance.
Cyber due-diligence.

BreachRisk™ Portfolio.

You work hard to protect your portfolio, and you know that cyber risks threaten your success. But cyber due-diligence can be complicated and costly. Protect your investments or manage cyber risks within any portfolio with reliable BreachRisk™ Scores designed for people serious about gaining a competitive edge.


Designed with You in Mind

BreachRisk™ Portfolio is designed for any use case where you need to understand the cyber risk of another organization.

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Cyber Liability Insurers

Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors

Mergers & Acquisitions and Cyber Due Diligence

Supply Chain Risk Managers


The New Competitive Edge

True cyber risk ratings with BreachRisk™ Score and BreachRisk™ Report.
Unlock new performance for your portfolio.

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Introducing BreachRisk™ Score

Gone are the days of complicated, unhelpful cyber risk ratings. You need to be able to quantify and compare cyber risk between organizations, and BreachRisk™ Score delivers the standardized, repeatable, and accurate business intelligence you need - along with context to help you instantly decide how the subject might affect your risk pool.

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"Often, the people that care most about a company's security are outside of the company. By removing barriers and making information sharing safe and easy, we will help the world get to a place it already wants to be."

J. Foster Davis, Co-Founder & COO

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Easy to Setup

Due diligence as a service

Setup your cyber due diligence portfolio in minutes by letting us know which organizations you want to monitor. You'll instantly get access to their BreachRisk™ Score, and we'll handle the rest to help you get consent, which allows the organization to share thier full BreachRisk™ Report.


Adjust with ease

Your Portfolio service level gives you access to as many organizations you need simultaneously. As your portfolio evolves, you can easily change which organizations you're monitoring.

Simply. Powerful.

Military-grade... for the boardroom

BreachRisk™ is powered by CIRT™, which means you get the benefits of world-class cyber attack tradecraft. Automation and AI deliver continuous direct testing of organizations analyzing hundreds to thousands of elements - conveniently packaged in a BreachRisk™ Score to enable conversations in the boardroom and the server room.


BreachRisk™ Portfolio Pricing

Straightforward monthly plans with push-button setup

Our different service levels allow you to customize your cyber due diligence portfolio by size, analytical features, and flexibility.  Simultaneously and continuously inspect up to 25 organizations at a time with access to their BreachRisk™ Score and BreachRisk ™ Report with just a few clicks.



Easy access to cyber due diligence - inspect and monitor 3 organizations at a time.



Extend and analyze deeper with 10 organizations at a time with advanced analytics.



Superior flexibility and analytics for up to 25 organizations at a time.


We strongly believe that transparent pricing enhances your security discussions.

We also believe that affordable prices are essential to enabling world-class security. We are able to deliver our high-quality services fast while remaining affordable through heavy investments in automation and Artificial Intelligence-driven processes that enable a lean, diverse, and highly competent team.

We are advancing the state of the art.