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BreachRisk™ Portfolio

Monitor & compare the cyber risk of companies you care about from an attacker's perspective.

  • Vendor Risk Management

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Supply Chain

  • Large Enterprise & Subsidiary

  • API Tailored Access

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The cyber risk of companies that make up your supply chain, vendor network or insurance pool can play a critical role in your business success.

More rigorous risk assessments of companies you care about mean better insights for better decisions.


Add companies to your Portfolio with just their name and website. 


We'll do the rest.


You don't have time to review pages of technical results to see which companies impose the most risk on your organization.  BreachRisk™ Scores and Reports make it simple to focus on the biggest risks.


Using the BreachRisk™ methodology for all of the companies you care about gives you the ability to compare them and find where your biggest risks are.


Whether it is 100,000 policy holders or 5 IT vendors, BreachRisk™ Portfolio can deliver the insights you need at the depth you want.

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How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

Add Companies

Add the companies you care about to your Portfolio using the Dashboard or API with their name and website

Monitor Results

See and Compare high-level BreachRisk™ Scores & Reports for each company to find your biggest risks.

Dig Deeper

Invite companies to add infrastructure or authorize testing when it matters most.

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Download Our Datasheet

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Powerful Testing.  Built to Scale.








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Use Cases
Connecting Dots

We know SME cyber risk.

We've found tens of thousands of real threats and conducted millions of automated tests.

Our breach prediction intelligence illuminates risk in first-party and third-party use cases and is based on the offensive security methodology.


We use continuous attack surface discovery and penetration testing to identify, verify, and test risk. We don't tell you where risks might be, we tell you where they actually are.


We provide SMEs and enterprise subsidiaries with the testing and security validation they need to show auditors, regulators, clients or partners.

Cyber Insurance

We help cyber insurance carriers monitor critical insights for policy holders and deliver value-add solutions to keep them ahead of attackers and reduce claims.  In hard and soft markets, we make cyber insurance profitable again.

Due Diligence, M&A

We conduct cyber due diligence the automated, easy way - without subjective surveys or unverified claims.  When knowing the cyber risk truly matters, get a thorough attacker's view to know for sure.

Third-Party Risk

Our third-party risk solutions monitor supply chain, vendors or partners through an attacker's lens. We facilitate mature threat information sharing schemes. 


Let our team reach out to you with answers or a demo.

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