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Dangers of Not Scoring Cyber Risk During An Acquisition

Acquiring a new company can be a thrilling and stressful time for any business. Although you have done your research and due diligence, aspects of the new company may still be complete blind spots. Cyber security is often an area that is not adequately understood during the merger and acquisition process. Unfortunately, attackers are well aware of this and can have a field day exploiting vulnerabilities during times of change. This is especially dangerous for companies that hold valuable customer data that are popular targets for ransomware attacks.

Attackers may have targeted your newly acquired company at an earlier date and will have the background knowledge to seek out what is new or may have changed. They also know that in the early stages of companies merging technologies, there will be overlap with one company possibly using older software or an outdated version of a VPN. The M&A process will invariably require the integration of new and existing cloud platforms and applications, which creates even more security concerns for your organization. Other company changes, such as location moves, hiring new employees, or introducing new products can expose holes in your network security. Time constraints and the complex nature of merging companies may prevent your company’s cyber security team (or the merging company’s team) from anticipating or safeguarding against these dangers.

Effective and transparent cyber risk scoring acts as a preventive measure by allowing your in-house technology specialists to focus their time on the transition, while the scoring technology continuously evaluates your vulnerabilities before hackers can attack. We developed our BreachRisk™ product line to do just that. When you get your BreachRisk™ Score, you are assured that your system has been thoroughly tested using military-grade AI capabilities. Our ransomware emulation provides actionable data about susceptible threat vectors.

Our ransomware emulation provides actionable data about susceptible threat vectors. This gives acquisition targets a competitive edge, while also making cyber due diligence simpler for prospective buyers.

Malicious hackers shy away from companies that have public-facing cyber risk scores, as they know these companies are not easy targets and are frequently monitored for access points and security vulnerabilities. Simply showing that you have a BreachRisk™ score can prevent dangerous cyber activity. In today’s day and age, you can never assume a company is secure based on its status or name recognition.

A company with a BreachRisk™ Score is one that carries a level of assurance that they are being proactive about their security and proves that they care about their customer data. Business goals, such as growth, mergers, or acquisitions can happen with one less roadblock if you are armed with the knowledge of your (or someone else’s) cyber weaknesses and how to address them.


About BreachRisk

Cybersecurity is everyone's business. Just as a borrower’s credit score informs lenders about risk of loaning money, cyber risk scores signal the strength of a company’s cyber defenses. When properly derived, it provides an easy-to-understand and actionable conclusion of a complicated process. There's no better way to find out if an organization can be breached than to ask a hacker.

BreachRisk is a family of concepts and solutions designed to fairly, accurately, and repeatably measure the likelihood and impact of cyber threats to an organization from our perspective: the hacker's perspective.

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