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Cyber Risk Scoring Misbeliefs

As military veterans, our team has seen firsthand how security and technical details can get in the way of the mission. In extreme cases, this has put our lives and the lives of our teammates at risk. Conversely, we’ve seen how the technical details of technology have enabled us to operate better and safer. These perspectives give us particular clarity when it comes to bridging the gap between business operations, business functions, and the security that goes along with all facets of the business.

Accurate, scalable, affordable, and defensible cyber risk scoring are the keystones to unlocking valuable data for organizations, big or small. Cyberspace both enables businesses and provides value to our bottom line, but it also imposes risk. This is why we’re dedicated to providing cyber scoring solutions that will uncover the risks and rewards of cyberspace and clearly communicate this valuable data to businesses so that they can make better decisions, quicker, and with the best returns on investments.

As business innovators and disruptors we hold a series of misbeliefs that we must destroy in order to make progress. Here are the top three misbeliefs of cyber risk that BreachRisk provides solutions for:

Misbelief #1: Security is a cost center

Many companies believe that security is just a cost of doing business, not a competitive advantage. Forward-thinking business leaders, however, are evolving their understanding of security. It goes beyond understanding their own security and into the assessment of the businesses around them, providing them with a major competitive edge.

Cyber risk scores provide a common language, devoid of technicalities, through which security can finally take its place as a value center.

You don’t have to understand the nuances of the internal combustion engine to understand why the car is better than the horse and why the car can now provide a whole new way of thinking about transportation.

BreachRisk helps business leaders understand the opportunities for advantage while properly characterizing the capabilities and limitations of the technical underpinnings. And when this happens, business leaders, technical managers, and those on the technical frontline all benefit from a shared greater understanding of the challenge and the opportunities.

Misbelief #2: Cyber risk scoring doesn’t work

Many early cyber risk scoring systems have either attempted to measure and produced cyber risk scores based on subjective data, inferential data, or other data points that don’t necessarily uncover how at-risk another organization is. At BreachBits, we have a fundamental disagreement with the shortcomings of these early scoring metrics because the data points they are measuring aren’t relevant to the likelihood that an organization could be breached.

Cyber risk scores, just like credit scores, can provide a competitive edge to those that need to have insight into an organization’s security.

If a company has the means to scale a measurement that’s based on what an attacker could actually do, a cyber risk score becomes meaningful, productive, and able to provide a competitive edge.

Misbelief #3: Hacking is limited and cost-prohibitive

Over the last two years, BreachBits has developed military-grade technology that replicates what an actual hacker does and applies automation and AI to attack multiple organizations simultaneously, continuously, and safely. And, we get better at it every day. Using this technology, BreachRisk discovers the cyber risk of a company of interest to you, giving you an incredible competitive advantage.


About BreachRisk

Cybersecurity is everyone's business. Just as a borrower’s credit score informs lenders about risk of loaning money, cyber risk scores signal the strength of a company’s cyber defenses. When properly derived, it provides an easy-to-understand and actionable conclusion of a complicated process. There's no better way to find out if an organization can be breached than to ask a hacker.

BreachRisk is a family of concepts and solutions designed to fairly, accurately, and repeatably measure the likelihood and impact of cyber threats to an organization from our perspective - the hacker's perspective.

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