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U.S. oil and gas sector at risk of a cyber breach, new study indicates

World Oil

Aug 9, 2022


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The majority of companies across the U.S. oil and gas industry are at risk of a successful cyber breach according to BreachBits, a cyber risk rating and monitoring company that evaluates and tests organizations from a hacker’s perspective to empower them to anticipate attacks.

World Oil covered our release of BreachRisk: Energy 2022.

Following an analysis of 98 representative upstream, midstream, downstream and supply chain companies across the energy sector, BreachBits has released their findings in BreachRisk: Energy 2022, a cyber state of the industry study.
“On average, the oil and gas companies we observed were at Medium Risk, with a score of 4.1 out of ten on our BreachRisk scale, but that risk was not distributed evenly across the sector,” said BreachBits CEO and Co-Founder John Lundgren. “Additionally, 11% of the companies presented potentially serious, high-risk threats. We identify and monitor cyber risks at scale as we did here, detect issues and then test them just as a hacker would for our customers.”

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