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BreachRisk: Energy 2022

Our study of the US oil & gas industry highlights cyber risk in upstream, midstream, downstream, and suppliers.

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BreachRisk: Energy 2022

What if you could visualize the cyber security of an entire industry and compare it with each part of the connected supply chain?


In our analysis of nearly 100 U.S.-based companies within the oil and gas sector, we:

  • quantify cyber risk

  • identify risk trends

  • provide decision makers with facts - helping them ask the right questions

Learn more about our findings and why they are still relevant today by downloading BreachRisk: Energy 2022, from our Cyber State of the Industry Series.

Key Findings

  • The majority of companies observed across the U.S. oil and gas industry are at risk of a successful breach by a dedicated cyber attacker.

  • Companies over $50 million in annual revenue and 250 employees appear to have higher risk and higher occurrence of ransom-related threats

  • Companies with low cyber risk tend to have larger attack surfaces, but not always. Downstream companies had larger attack surfaces but lower risk.

Download the Full Study

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