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Get a competitive edge. Predict, monitor, and reduce cyber risks with BreachRisk™ Score.

Backed by military-grade automation and artificial intelligence, we help you monitor the organizations you care about using hacker tradecraft for better and faster business decisions.



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BreachRisk™ Portfolio

A competitive edge with BreachRisk™ Scoring

Analyze and compare organizations before and while you invest, and get predictive alerts and BreachRisk™ Scores to increase performance.

BreachRisk™ for Business

Improve and share your BreachRisk™ Score

Take control of your own BreachRisk™ Score and get insights available nowhere else. Celebrate your score inside and outside of your organization.


Continuous, Affordable Penetration Testing

Continuous Intelligent Red Team Service™ emulates real attackers using automation and A.I.  Easy, standardized, and continuous.


The competitive edge you've been looking for

Demystify cyber risk with BreachRisk™ Score.


BreachRisk Score uses a 10-point scale, making it easy to understand and apply. A high BreachRisk Score indicates a higher risk of a cyber breach.


You'll get insights in a matter of days thanks to A.I.-powered technology that identifies and tests cyber risks with realistic attack techniques.


BreachRisk Scores are comparable, helping you make better choices consistently. We make it easy to share security insights with the right people in the right way.

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Use Cases

We envision a world where cyber defenders turn the tide against attackers.
Accurate cyber risk scores are an essential part of that journey.

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Manage Third-Party Risk

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Monitor Your Risk

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Celebrate Your Security

A competitive portfolio incorporates all types of risk. True cyber risk scoring enables better risk pool balancing.

Cyber risk scores help your team coordinate and provide context from around the industry.

Prove to others that you are secure, increase your valuation, and improve customer relations.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

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Scalable Due Diligence

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Advanced Penetration Testing

Understand cyber risks to properly balance premiums and coverage while encouraging secure outcomes.

Cyber risk scoring introduces incredible standardization and automation, reducing cost and improving outcomes.

Simplify important information, making your penetration test painless and easier to understand.

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"We're democratizing a process of assessment previously only achievable by the Fortune 500, and we're doing it in a way that will change the way the world talks about cyber."

John Lundgren, Co-Founder & CEO


Why it Matters

The next revolution in cyber defense isn't in the server room, it's in the boardroom.

Advancements in automation and Artificial Intelligence have enabled your business but have also enabled malicious cyber hackers. When security stakeholders can coordinate effectively, attackers lose. Reliable, predictive, scalable cyber risk scoring enables this vision.


Align Incentives

Often, the person that cares most about security isn't in the security department or even in the same company. External pressures have been critical in decades past to drive security actions, but compliance often fails to deliver secure outcomes. Acknowledging third-party forcing functions and harnessing them towards productive security outcomes gives defenders the network-effect advantage needed to thwart attackers consistently.

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Promote Transparency

Attackers benefit when defenders try to keep secrets about their security. It is natural to protect your brand reputation in a world where cyber attacks are fringe occurrences. But we are not in that world. The war in cyberspace is persistent and attackers are well funded, well trained, and anonymous. There will be losses, so the goal is to manage the losses, not just avoid them. Secure organizations recognize that too much secrecy is harmful. Cyber risk scores that fairly characterize an organization while respecting intimate security details are essential to creating a productive ecosystem where defenders from different organizations can reclaim the advantage of coordination.

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Optimize Internal Coordination

Cyber is everyone's business because it affects all part of the business. So coordination between business functions and business lines is critical for sustained performance. But the challenge is that cyber technologies are complicated - so discussions about cybersecurity are quickly overcome by small details with big impacts.

When we lose sight of the big picture and the things that really matter, it is extremely difficult to make optimal decisions consistently. Effective organizations know how to simplify the details of each business function into risks, impacts, and probabilities. Cyber risk scores enable the security experts to join the risk management process in a way that is familiar to the rest of the organization.

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