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The world's most accurate

cyber risk rating platform.

Predict breaches 10x better with The Cyber Risk Radar.™ Powered by continuous ASD, ASM, PTaaS, Cloud, Dark Web, and Spearphishing.


All done together - just like real attackers.

We are: The Hacker's Perspective™

& Fair

Organizations of all sizes

Scalable SaaS Deployment

Army of robots

... I need continuous pen testing. I've got to detect risks in an accurate, efficient, simple way... like a radar." 

To truly predict cyber breaches, ask a hacker.

Scale with the AI that can see, think and do just like a hacker.

Cool BreachRisk process sticker

That's BreachRisk™, by BreachBits®.

We are the answer for those that need persistent and predictive cyber risk insights without the headache of false positives. Monitor your own enterprise or a portfolio of thousands of other companies. Use it like a radar, because its just like a radar.

We are: The Hacker's Perspective™

Designed to be the always-on superpower for both executives and cyber specialists, BreachRisk™ PTaaS has a 1-button start and is fully automatic.


Results are delivered in business-ready risk management terms with full technical details.

BreachRisk Score
How We 10x

How We Deliver 10x Accuracy

The BreachRisk™ platform delivers continuous and meaningful cyber risk quantification without false positives. Set it, forget it, and get notified when actual attack paths are proven. The BreachRisk™ platform gives you capabilities designed to be "always on" - just like a radar.

We layer our military-grade core capabilities in ready-to-deploy Solutions to maximize predictive accuracy & relevance for leading use cases. We are hackers, and our capabilities work in concert to eliminate more false positives than any other solution on the market.

  • Attack Surface Discovery (ASD)

  • Attack Surface Monitoring (ASM)

  • Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

  • Cloud monitoring and testing

  • Dark Web monitoring

  • Spearphishing to test email-based attacks

How do we do it? Our unique combination of discovery, analysis, and testing capabilities means we deliver more accurate threat prediction up to:

  • 100x in active participant schemes

  • 10x in 3rd-party passive schemes

Layered BreachRisk™ capabilities play a big part

Core capabilities
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Attack Surface Monitoring

Before attackers strike, they survey the cyber landscape. Discovery and ASM is a core part of all service levels, including BreachRisk™ Alert.


Dark web monitoring integrates exposure risk in Pro and Premium.

If you need to monitor 3rd-parties BreachRisk™ Portfolio is purpose built to scale.

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Continuous CRQ & Testing

We predict breaches by proving where attackers can and cannot breach. Goodbye false positives.


For BreachRisk™ Pro and higher, we test attacker pathways with continuous Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS). 


Premium delivers the most rigorous testing and includes BreachRisk™ Portfolio to start 3rd-party monitoring.

Kieran pen test compliance certification_edited.jpg

Compliance-Ready Pen Test Reports

Although BreachRisk™ focuses on insights that attackers care about, compliance and certification is also important.


Our Certified Pen Testing is available with BreachRisk™ Pro. Push-button, fair and accurate reports promote high accuracy.


Go with Premium for unlimited pen test reports or high-stakes requirements.

sid sitting down reading network map_edi

World-Class Spearphishing

Attackers still love to spearphish. Why? Because it works. Over 60% of successful BreachRisk™ attack tests come from our phishing capability.


This isn't a "phish everyone" tool. (Attackers don't do that.) With BreachRisk™ Pro we discover and select targets automatically. We test deep into the email security stack, from delivery to click to execution.

BreachRisk™ capabilities are guided by our back-office motto:   "if an attacker does it, we do it."  

Powerfully Predictive. 
Built to Scale.


Threat Vectors Discovered


Services Evaluated


Tests Conducted


Hosts Analyzed


Signs of Slowing Down

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Enterprise Scalability,
SMB Flexibility

Legacy risk detection solutions aren't scalable and produce cumbersome false positives. This means they don't perform well when assessing Small to Midsize Enterprises in 3rd-party evaluations.


You need the capability that works just like a radar. BreachRisk™ attack surface detection is the best on planet Earth. Plus, all capabilities are fully automated. That's why BreachRisk™ thrives in 1st & 3rd-party use cases when assessing companies of all sizes.

+ Rigor

Low False Positives

Fast & Fair for all sizes

Shifting the Market Mindset

BreachRisk™ is

the hacker's perspective.

Other risk ratings do a great job generating accurate bits of data.
Those defender's perspectives are critical, but you can't stop there.

Offensive security models challenge us to ask:
Where can attackers actually
break in?

So when we say our predictive insights are accurate, it's about about continuously discovering, ruling out, and testing actual attack paths.
It's about being the radar for cyber risk.

It's a shift in mindset.

Super-awesome cyber hacking robot

What Our Customers & Partners Say

“The alerts we get from BreachBits whenever our attack surface changes have been incredibly valuable.  I can sleep easier at night knowing that Breachbits is keeping an eye on us."

Craig Stevenson



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"BreachBits has built a baseline for understanding our cyber risk that is actionable and realistic. This helps us drive considerable business value by proving our cyber due diligence to 3rd parties and customers."

Kieran Carroll

Chief Strategy


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"BreachRisk is a powerful combination of continuous automation and dark web intelligence.  The platform behaves just like real-world hackers do, allowing eTrepid to provide true Red/Purple teaming with customers."

Tom Blandford



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News &  Recognitions

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The BreachRisk™ cyber risk radar
is a superpower.

Where will you take your team?

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