Identify your cyber risks & stay compliant -

all day, every day.


BreachBits' Continuous Intelligent Red Team solutions identify your biggest cyber risks, satisfy penetration test & red team compliance requirements and test your security controls with realistic attack techniques.

  • Continuously (24x7x365)

  • Easily & Quickly (agent-less)

  • Safely (you're always in control)

  • Military-grade (built by US cyber vets)


What are the top security risks to your data?

The security of your data and

IT infrastructure are important. 

You deserve to know how well your cyber defenses are working to protect them from cyber attacks.

Not once a year.

Not once a quarter.


Learn more about how BreachBits' continuous red team solutions can support your business goals all year long.



Why use BreachBits Continuous Red Team Services?

Our AI and automation innovations allow us to provide a year's red team services at a fraction of the typical cost of a single human red-team assessment

We provide a realistic and safe simulated attacker looking for weaknesses in  your defenses, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Just like real attackers, we have no blackout dates.

Cost Effective


Your IT environment is constantly changing.  As it does, we’ll be there to test it - with every network update, configuration change and new employee that joins your company.

We let humans do what humans do best.  For everything else, we use AI and automation - never tiring and never ceasing.  Our service works for you; not the other way around.



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