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Cyber Risk, Simplified.

Get a competitive edge. Predict, monitor, and test cyber risks with BreachRisk™ Score.


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Backed by military-grade automation and artificial intelligence, we help you monitor and test the organizations you care about using hacker tradecraft for better and faster business decisions.

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A competitive edge with BreachRisk™

third-party cyber risk assessments

Analyze and compare cyber risk in the organizations you care about, and get predictive alerts and BreachRisk™ Scores.

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Understand, monitor and lower your cyber risk

Identify and take control of your own cyber risk with automated penetration testing. Share your score inside and outside of your organization.

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Use Cases

We envision a world where cyber defenders turn the tide against attackers.
Accurate cyber risk scores are an essential part of that journey.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

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Scalable Due Diligence

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Monitor Cyber Risk

Cyber insurance providers and underwriters must quantify cyber risk to balance premiums and coverage limits.

Cyber risk scoring introduces incredible standardization and automation, reducing cost and improving outcomes.

Cyber risk scores help your team coordinate and provide context from around the industry.

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New Release
Energy 2022

Our study of the oil & gas industry from the hacker's perspective.


Our Customers

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Enterprise Executives

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Venture Capital & Private Equity Managers

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Security Leaders

Leaders managing global business risk who need to easily identify cyber concerns and deliver outcomes.

Dynamic VC and PE funds that must efficiently gauge cyber risk during vetting, due diligence, and while invested.

Security leaders that need to translate technical risk impacts, justify budget, and streamline the find-fix-verify cycle.

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"We're democratizing a process of assessment previously only achievable by the Fortune 500, and we're doing it in a way that will change the way the world talks about cyber."

John Lundgren, Co-Founder & CEO

The competitive edge you've been looking for

Demystify cyber risk with BreachRisk™ Score.


BreachRisk Score uses a 10-point scale, making it easy to understand and apply. A high BreachRisk Score indicates a higher risk of a cyber breach.


You'll get insights in a matter of days thanks to A.I.-powered technology that identifies and tests cyber risks with realistic attack techniques.


BreachRisk Scores are comparable, helping you make better choices consistently. We make it easy to share security insights with the right people in the right way.


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