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Red Teaming. AutoIntelligent Ingenuity.

Your data and services are important.  You spend a lot of time and money securing your IT environment from cyber attacks - you deserve to know how effective your defenses are.

BreachBits' continuous Red Team services utilize our innovative AutoIntelligent Persistent Threat Engine.℠ With a heart of machine learning, artificial intelligence, human oversight, and automation, it provides continuous Red Teaming for your cyber assets.


Convert our Red Team discoveries into your knowledge and action.  Our BreachBoard℠ dashboard interface delivers a confidential, customized description of your cyber-attack exposure and BreachBits intrusions.  So you see what an attacker could see, and more. 


Rather than today's short-duration, human hacker-powered Red Team assessments, which leave you wondering how secure you are most of the year, BreachBits makes sure you always know how secure you are -

24 hours a day,

365 days a year



Excellence across the entire cyber-attack lifecycle

Our Advantage

Cost Effective

Our Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and automation innovations allow us to provide Red Teaming service at a fraction of the typical cost.  So you won't ever pay for our hackers to take a lunch break.

Continuous, Adaptive

With our proprietary AiPT Engine,℠ BreachBits penetration attempts constantly adapt to your specific defense and find unknown holes.  Other firms merely follow a predetermined checklist, leaving holes undiscovered and giving you a false sense of security.

Superior Analysis

Unlike other security methods, the BreachBoard℠ dashboard ensures that you never pay for a useless pile of technical data again.  Our reports are tailored for your executives and decision makers, helping you understand the return on your IT and security investments.


We let humans do what humans do best.  For everything else, we use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and automation - never tiring and never ceasing.  Our calendar has no blackout dates, which means our service works for you; not the other way around.