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Arkansas Cyber Initiative

BreachRisk™ Alert

for counties

Start your forever-free BreachRisk™ Alert subscription with no strings attached, and be pre-registered as grant-related services become available.

Transparency You Can Trust

This program is no-cost to Arkansas counties. Registration and use of your BreachRisk™ dashboard will never incur a fee and is 100% no-cost unless you specifically request advanced, fee-related services from us outside the scope of upcoming grant programs. You will always know before you incur any fee obligation.

Want to know more about why this is free for counties? Background of how BreachBits offers services We offer a variety of services, and one of them is called BreachRisk Alert (sometimes called BreachRisk Free). BreachRisk Alert is a free service and provides a dashboard, cyber risk map, and variety of other tools. By establishing your dashboard (located at to see your cyber risk map, you are establishing a BreachRisk Alert (free) subscription. Advanced services that are fee-based are 100% optional, and some of those may be covered by the upcoming grant program at some point. That matter is being actively discussed with the grant managers and the AAC. Guarantee: Arkansas counties are not obligated to fees or a fee service by registering and using our BreachRisk dashboard, the technology required to view and use our "cyber risk map" services discussed in our presentations and materials. There is no case where establishing your free dashboard will obligate you/your county to any fees. There is no expiration of the free services, and there is no automatic conversion to a fee service that would require payment by the county. Here are some scenarios you may be considering, along with my further explanation and guarantee. Is there an initial fee to get my "cyber risk map" and dashboard? No Will my dashboard be locked in the future if I don't pay a fee? No. The dashboard and the BreachRisk Alert service never expires. Will there be a fee later? No Will my service automatically "expire", later obligating me to a fee? No Why does BreachBits offer a free service? We have a variety of customers including trade associations and insurance carriers, and we have found that with emerging technology it is important to have a basic level of service that anyone can use for free. This has also become a common practice among technology companies over the past decade. Our costs are recouped by working with organizations like the State of Arkansas and AAC, where group volume pricing can be negotiated and services tailored for maximum mutual benefit. If the county cyber grant program includes BreachBits fee-based services, how will those be paid for? As a part of the grant budget, or via some other means other than the county governments directly. Can I purchase advanced services from BreachBits, and will those incur a fee? Advanced service are available for purchase, and some of these services may be included in upcoming grant projects. If you choose to purchase advanced services before the grant program comes online, BreachBits will notify you if another party begins to cover those fees so that you are not charged.

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