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Energy 2022

A state of the industry study from a hacker's perspective.

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As critical infrastructure, disruptions to the U.S. energy sector have the potential to impact the production, supply and prices of products and services from countless industries.  BreachBits assessed nearly 100 U.S. oil & gas companies leveraging its BreachRisk™ scoring methodology, and found the industry on average at Medium risk of successful data breach, but that risk is not evenly distributed.

BreachRisk: Energy 2022 outlines where BreachBits' team of military cyber warfare veterans see risk trending and how organizations can strengthen their defensive posture and optimize cyber risk management strategies.

BreachBits' cyber risk analysis of U.S. oil & gas upstream, midstream, downstream and supply chain companies found that the majority of companies are currently at risk of a successful breach by a dedicated cyber attacker.

About BreachRisk™
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The best way to determine the cyber risk of an organization is to ask a hacker.

We're your hacker.

BreachRisk™ assessments are based on automated penetration testing of the organizations you care about. 


By using direct measurements, hacker methodologies and realistic testing, you can confidently quantify and understand the cyber risk of any organization.




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