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Third-Party Cyber Risk

Explore the possibilities unlocked by cyber risk scores

You're managing a group threatened by cyber attacks.
Cyber risk scoring helps you manage your risk pool, third-party risk, and supply chain risk.


The next advancement in portfolio performance is in predicting cyber breaches.

Emerging methods of direct observation deliver predictive, reliable fidelity that delivers a truly competitive edge.

Investment Capital

Venture capital and private equity funds are at risk when portions of the risk pool are breached. Severe losses can affect performance even if amortized over the long term. Automated cyber risk scores increase performance.

  • Conduct diligence and negotiate pricing before investment

  • Monitor performance while actively invested

  • Get alerted when new weaknesses impact specific elements of your portfolio

  • Transform your security conversation with hard facts to improve outcomes

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Supply Chain Risk & Information Sharing Alliances

For organizations with critical data relationships, supply chain & third-party risk can be difficult to collect and manage. Participating in a cyber information sharing group - a key recommendation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework maturity levels - is easier said than done.

Cyber risk scores enable an ecosystem where the right information is shared safely among the group.

  • Share actionable information without divulging potentially harmful details

  • Incorporate security requirements into contracts with criteria attestations from trusted risk rating agencies

  • Sustainably incorporate the risks of third-parties into your own organization's risk discussion

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