Advantage: Test Your Security Controls

How effective are your security controls at protecting your data?


Let Breachbits' CIRT service help you find out what's working, and what's not.


All day.

Every  day.

How well are your controls stopping threats to your data?


Let's find out for sure, by testing your security against all of them, so you know what you need to improve and let you sleep soundly at night.

Over 90% of breaches begin with a phishing email.  How susceptible are your users to clicking on a phishing email?  With a CIRT Premium subscription, find out for sure.  But we won't stop there - see how well your security solutions detect and disrupt the attack that comes next.


Once an attacker gets in, how difficult will it be for her to gain the privileged credentials necessary to install software, stop services and gain access to critical data?  All subscription levels of CIRT will test your security against common privilege escalation techniques so you don't have to wonder.

Privilege Escalation


After a breach of your defenses, how easily could an attacker move from computer to computer within your network?  Could your team or services identify, isolate and remove an attacker before she gained access to your most valuable data?  CIRT Premium subscribers get access to lateral movement simulations to find out for sure.

Lateral Movement


Data Exfiltration

Would your team notice if your valuable data were being removed from your network?  Would your security solutions prevent it before a large-scale data loss occurred?  All subscription levels of CIRT get access to simulations of the most common data exfiltration techniques to find out.