Partner Advantages

Let's work together to keep your customers' data secure.


All day.

Every  day.

How Can A BreachBits Partnership Add Value To Your Cybersecurity Business?

Keeping your customers' data secure takes a team effort -

and we'd like to be part of your team!  


See how BreachBits can add value to your MSP, cybersecurity consulting, MSSP, cyber insurance provider or cyber training business today.

Managed Security Provider (MSP) or Cybersecurity Consultant

You're helping new or existing customers step up their cybersecurity game - but where should you focus?  Don't spend your team's time doing threat simulation and penetration tests to show them how they can improve.  Let us do that in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way, so you can focus on keeping them secure.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Customers have trusted you to keep them and their data secure.  Let's work together to validate your security controls, test your breach detection time and train you new defenders with our CIRT service.

Cyber Insurance Provider

You're helping customers manage their cyber risks - but how do you evaluate a potential customer's security against realistic threats, so you can make informed and standardized decisions about their risk level?  Let's work with them together to test them in a safe, realistic and transparent way.

Cyber Training

Training the next generation of cyber defenders, and need safe, realistic cyber adversaries so they can practice detecting, isolating and stopping them in your environment?  Let us bring the red team to you, when you need it.