Continuous Intelligent Red Team Service with AiPT Engine™ for modular control of penetration testing.

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Harness Tomorrow's Innovation

CIRT™ advances the state of the art with continuous, affordable penetration testing powered by advanced cyber attack tradecraft.

CIRT™ emulates real attackers using automation and Artificial Intelligence. This is penetration testing like you've never seen before. Unparalleled standardization of results, continuous find-fix-verify capabilities. External, Insider, human and machine.


Affordable Pen Testing...

We'll handle the hassle of your penetration testing needs so that you can get back to what you do best. With just a few clicks, CIRT™ starts without any intervention. Results are easy to understand and share.

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Flexibility for the Task

Sometimes you need a simple pen test, other times you need advanced timing and rigor. CIRT covers the spectrum and is supremely flexible. It can be completely automated or you can execute host-specific activity. Add only the features you need to get the job done - so you can move on.

Or, set it, forget it, and CIRT will watch your back 24/7.

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Inside, Outside, Man & Machine

CIRT™ is modular, so you can either select a pre-packaged combination of modules or only include the modules you need. External attack surface monitoring, perimeter attacks, insider attacks, and social attacks with phishing emails that actually attempt to breach your humans.

Safely, of course.

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Relentless Red Teaming

At its core, CIRT™ is far more than a pen test, it's a full-blown Red Team assessment. That runs continuously. That runs affordably. Heavy automation and A.I. enable previously impossible results in attack tradecraft approaches anywhere. If you're a technician, we give you all the details necessary to find-fix-verify. Then we help you communicate inside and outside of your organization using the powerfully simple BreachRisk™ Score.  When your entire team understands the issues, you're sure to get the resources you need to deliver amazing results.

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Not a Tool. A Service.

Our team of veteran cyberwarfare operators are always on the leading edge of what attackers are doing in the wild, so you always get a dose of relevant, rigorous testing from the attacker's perspective. New tactics, techniques, and plenty of custom toolkits thwart many typical defenses, just like real attacks.

The alerts we get from BreachBits whenever our attack surface changes have been incredibly valuable.  I can sleep easier at night knowing that Breachbits is keeping an eye on us.

- Craig Stevenson, CEO and Founder, HyperQube

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Easy to Setup

Pen testing as a service

Setup takes just minutes. There's nothing to install, nothing to manage. No one to train, nobody to escort down the hall for half the day for another "site visit."


Adjust with ease

Choose from modules such as Monitor, Perimeter, Insider, and Social. Include only the things you need and nothing you don't.

Depth ≠ Despair

Military-grade... for the boardroom, too

Automation and A.I. deliver continuous direct testing of your organization analyzing hundreds to thousands of elements. Your security team gets the technical details, and your executives get a conveniently packaged BreachRisk™ Score to enable conversations in both the boardroom and the server room.


CIRT Pricing

Take close control of your experience with CIRT™ modules.

These prepackaged options give you access to some of our most popular module combinations.

For individualized module configurations, access to our most advanced features, and an enhanced find-fix-verify experience, we recommend working directly with a security partner to obtain CIRT service.


CIRT™ Monitor

Easy access to continuous attack surface monitoring.


CIRT™ Attack Basic

Continuous, affordable penetration testing.


CIRT™ Attack Advanced

Test your humans and machines with advanced attack methods.

Packages shown include our most popular modules. CIRT can be tailored for your organization's needs.

We strongly believe that transparent pricing enhances your security discussions.

We also believe that affordable prices are essential to enabling world-class security. We are able to deliver our high-quality services fast while remaining affordable through heavy investments in automation and Artificial Intelligence-driven processes that enable a lean, diverse, and highly competent team.

We are advancing the state of the art.