Have: CMMC Plan of Action. (maybe)
Need: Awareness at each step. (definitely)

  1. Planning Stage: Identify gaps.

  2. Action Stage: Validate fix-actions.

  3. Pre-Cert: Dominate your audit. 

  4. Maintain.

...without breaking the bank

The Continuous Intelligent Red Team (CIRT) Service from BreachBits delivers automated, AI-powered continuous awareness and validation capabilities essential to achieve any level of the U.S. Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

Safely, Continuously, Affordably.

CMMC certification is being phased-in in 2020, and will be required for all DoD contracts by 2026.

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CIRT delivers CMMC

Awareness | Satisfaction | Validation

CIRT will provie awareness, satisfaction and a validation of more than 76% of CMMC Practices by 2021
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Continuous Red Teaming delivers the awareness you will need to tackle CMMC compliance on time, no matter which level you are aiming for.  CIRT delivers Red Teaming using automation and Artificial Intelligence to drive costs lower than ever before in the industry, keeping you on budget.

A lot is on the line.  Keep your eyes open.

Identify your cyber risks

Certifications can be useful.  But no certification will matter if you suffer a data breach.  BreachBits finds your weak spots so you can fix them... before the real hackers do.

Justify security investments

CMMC threatens to destroy your security budget.  CIRT can help you better allocate resources and communicate effectively with others, so they know why some holiday party funds had to be used for security.

See which defenses are working ...

... and which defenses aren't.  Early, realistic testing identifies which security solutions need adjustments.  Reclaim security dollars that aren't performing.  Always know where you stand so you can do it right the first time.

Grade your security team

Augment your internal or external security team while eradicating blindspots. BreachBits provides an impartial view of each element of your security, from policy to configuration.

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A goldmine of features tailored for CMMC.

Continuous Attack Attempts

Red teams aren't just for those seeking a level 4 or 5 CMMC certification.  Continuous attack attempts can validate up to 130 of the 171 CMMC Practices, and over 65% of the level 1, 2, and 3 Practices. 

On-Demand Attacks

Select from a wide array of safe, but realistic on-demand attack techniques, and know instantly how effective your controls are.  This allows for pinpoint precision when validating CMMC practices for levels 1 - 5.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Let's face it, tracking your attack surface without help is nearly impossible.  CIRT reconnaissance, scanning, and discovery capabilities ensure your CMMC audit isn't ruined by that rogue server you thought you shut down 5 years ago. 

Social Engineering

Beyond penetration testing, CIRT uses phishing and social engineering tactics to test the human dimension, too.  CIRT validates the level 2 and 3 Awareness and Training Practices, and helps satisfy the level 4 Practices.

CMMC Domain and Level Coverage

BreachBits offers a wide coverage area of the CMMC Domans

CIRT offers very wide coverage of the CMMC Domain areas, giving you more awareness.

CIRT offers awareness, satisfaction, and valiation for all CMMC Levels.

No matter what level of CMMC you are aiming for,
CIRT can provide the awareness you need to satisfy and validate CMMC Practices.

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Complete Visibility.  Complete Control.

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Introducing BreachBoard

With a CIRT subscription, you and your team get a real-time "hacker's dashboard" of your company's security with BreachBoard℠.

BreachBoard℠ keeps you fully aware and in full control, giving decision-makers and technicians alike visibility into the attacks that your cyber defenders are up against.  You can stop CIRT attacks anytime.

Ready to see how hackers see your company?

Quick to set up in just [zero] easy steps.


Why should you have to change your security in order to test it?  Nothing to inspect, download, install, update and monitor.  Don't change a thing. 


CIRT is completely cloud based, meaning there is no hardware or software to install and set up.

Completely remote

Like nearly all of the cyber threats you face, BreachBits' CIRT Service is 100% remote.

Onboarding in minutes

You and your security team are busy.  Getting started with CIRT can be done in minutes, with no IT disruptions.

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