Continuous Intelligent Red Team (CIRT)

Identify your cyber risks and test your defenses -

before real attackers do.


BreachBits' Continuous Intelligent Red Team (CIRT) is a cloud-based and agent-less service that gives organizations a safe, realistic and advanced simulated attacker constantly testing your defenses to identify your cyber risks.

All day.

Every day.

CIRT Advantages

How can CIRT support your business?

Required to test your security with penetration testing or red teaming to be compliant with PCI, HIPAA, CMMC or other regulations?  Let CIRT check those boxes for you.


Improving your cybersecurity, but don't know where to start?  Let CIRT put your security to the test to show you what your biggest risks are, and where you should focus.

Identify Risks

How well are your security solutions and services working?  Now you'll know for sure.  Unleash CIRT to see how well they're stopping us (and real attackers) all year long.

Verify Controls

Measure Performance

How long would it take to detect and stop a breach in your company?  With CIRT, you won't have to wonder.  Always know (and track) your times to breach detection and remediation.

How CIRT Works

01 / INTRO - You tell us who you are.

You provide us with information on the IT infrastructure you're defending.


02 / RECON - We find you.

The BreachBits AiPT Engine℠ performs continuous reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning of your Internet-facing infrastructure.  But we don't just find your systems, we find your users, too.

03 / ATTACK - We find a way in.

Using the AiPT Engine,℠ BreachBits conducts slow, non-disruptive and low-volume attack campaigns to gain access to your networks, and exploits the vulnerabilities we find in your defenses.

04 / DEFEND - We reveal our discoveries.

With every BreachBits intrusion, we'll see how long it takes you to detect us and kick us out.  Then, you receive an alert and details of the attack, so you know how to stop BreachBits (and real hackers) from using those attack techniques to break in again.

05 / IMPROVE - We help you get better.

As you get better at detecting attacks, our AiPT Engine℠ uses increasingly sophisticated tactics and technologies to get in, constantly upping the game of your security team and keeping your data more secure.

Introducing BreachBoard

Always have real-time updates on how well your defenses are working

With a CIRT subscription, you and your team get a real-time "hacker's dashboard" of your company's security with our BreachBoard℠. 

BreachBoard℠ displays your cyber-attack exposure, including users you didn't know you had.  So you see what an attacker would see - and more.

​BreachBoard℠ keeps you in full control, giving leadership visibility into our attacks that your cyber defenders are up against.  You can stop BreachBits attacks at any time.

BreachBoard℠ translates technical data into knowledge, with custom dashboards for executives, managers, and technicians - enabling effective decisions for all members of your team.

CIRT Subscriptions

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