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Celebrate Your Security

Explore the possibilities unlocked by cyber risk scores

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You've worked hard to sustain your security.
Set yourself apart. Cyber risk scoring helps you tell others and increase brand value.



Cyber risk scores enable organizations to transform cybersecurity from a cost center into a value center.

Startup Companies

Venture Capital-backed organizations and tech startups need to demonstrate security even during early growth. Cyber risk scores enable easy, fast, trustworthy benchmarks without the cost and distraction.

  • Prove to your growing customer base that you're taking security seriously

  • Remove doubt from investors about your security

  • Increase your valuation during investment rounds

  • Make prioritized trades based on reliable insights

  • Prove progress to your investors

  • Stay focused on your innovation

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Customer Relations

You have a responsibility to protect customer and partner data. Cyber risk scores allow you to show the proof behind your promises.

  • Share easily understandable scores across all audiences

  • Highlight your competitive advantage

  • Increase brand value

  • Earn customer trust, so that if you are breached you remain trusted and demonstrate remediation publicly

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Meet Compliance Standards

Many cyber compliance standards require penetration testing. Cyber risk scores based on attack tradecraft meet these requirements while being easy to consume.

  • Solve your penetration testing requirements with ease

  • Effortlessly communicate with your compliance authority or auditor

  • Maximize your benefit from compliance activities, prioritize time and money to areas with the most impact

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