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Advanced Penetration Testing

Explore the possibilities unlocked by cyber risk scores and A.I.


Cyber risk scoring improves penetration testing results, improving understanding and cooperative action.
A.I. provides the creativity required for implementing advanced attack tradecraft - at scale.



Cyber risk scoring helps to standardize penetration testing results and maximize usefulness.

For Organizations Seeking Compliance

Your compliance standard requires penetration testing. Pen testing based around a cyber risk score increases simplicity and ease of use.

  • Improved understanding of outcomes

  • Receive, understand, and share results faster

  • Confidence that the test will truly satisfy the compliance requirement

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For Compliance Standards Development

Your team establishes industry standards or compliance standards that must keep up with evolving technology and society. Penetration testing based on direct-observation cyber risk scores increases the value of the compliance standard for all stakeholders.

  • Increased reputation and adoption of the compliance standard

  • Increased value for the organization seeking compliance

  • Stronger, more secure outcomes for the target industry

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