About Our Technology

Blending humans and machines - at incredible scale


Our testing and risk reporting methods are heavily influenced by our technology. A priori, we use a dynamic, distributed, cloud-served infrastructure with heavy automation.

We blend open source, closed source, and proprietary software in both our attack testing and in our service delivery. We take advantage of high performing infrastructure and systems when possible but won't hesitate to innovate a key element when it impacts our ability to deliver results up to our standards.

We blend human and machine to optimize quality and efficiency.

We use automation and A.I. to the full experience of real cyber attackers.

Our cyber attack tradecraft delivers standardized, actionable cybersecurity insights that businesses can leverage to make better decisions. We've scaled up traditional penetration testing to give you the most realistic breakdown of your cyber risks and weaknesses. 

With technology that learns and improves over time, our services continually work to keep the world safe from malicious hackers: using their own methods to help you thwart them. We work diligently to keep our technology ahead of the times to give our clients a competitive advantage. 

The specialists are using state of the art AR technology to treat and advise on the health

Innovative Technology

Power of Automation and A.I.

Computers do it better

Our A.I. and automation innovations are never tiring and never ceasing.  They allow us to conduct our penetration testing on a scale human red-team assessments could never hope to match.

Adversary Emulation

Thinking like an attacker

Unlike traditional penetration testing services, our technology utilizes known attacker methods - methods our cyber warfare veterans have experienced in the field.  Not only that, but as your defenses become more sophisticated, so do our cyber attacks. Our services make sure your defenses are as prepared as can be.


No breaks needed

We provide a realistic and safe simulated assessment of a company's cyber defenses. Our technology works around the clock to keep you up to date on the status of your cyber security. Just like real attackers we have no blackout dates.

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"As a military cyber warfare veteran, my perspective heavily influences how we deliver our services. We have high standards for quality and standardization that are built into everything we deliver."

John Lundgren, CEO/CTO & Co-Founder

Boldly Balanced

More than a scan. Rigorous... but restrained.

Our AutoIntelligent Persistent Threat Engine℠ walks a fine line. In order to make deep risk discoveries and catalog binary point vectors, we conduct rigorous cyber reconnaissance activities that respect the inherent rights of the subject and applicable law. And when the subject provides consent to attempt active intrusion, we conduct safe penetration activities to find a breach. We do all of this safely, never impacting availability or integrity.

This rigor means that when we find a threat, we have defensible proof. Likewise, while vulnerability scanners might indicate a vulnerability, we might collect proof that what appears to be a vulnerability is, in fact, not a threat. You'll get credit for layered controls that thwart attackers, not just for apparent security.

From the hacker's perspective, we gain an advantage in making the distinction between false alarms and true threats. And we've imparted that knowledge to AiPT Engine and our blended human/machine team.

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